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grind time

grind time


Make 2023 your year with our 'New Year New Me' gift pack. Start the year off with a bang and smash your new year resolutions. Our pack offers a 2023 daily diary, which is perfect for jotting down and smashing your goals. Our daily journal entails your plan and schedule, including sections to reflect on your finical plans, water intake, mood tracker, exercise, and health tracker. Light our protect and deflect candle while you relax and journal, whether that is in the morning when you wake up, enjoying your morning coffee or relaxing after a long hard day. Utilise our essential oil roller which is infused with lemon, peppermint, bergamot and lavender to unwind and relax. Lastly, take your minimal clear pencil case with our black assorted pens with your in your carry bag.

What is included in your pack:

1x 2023 daily dairy

1x Journal diary

1x 300g protect and deflect candle

1x Release + unwind pure essential oil roller

1x Clear minimal pencil case

4x black inked pens

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